nature maker

have you ever wanted to have the comfort & grandness of trees, in part or whole, inside your home but didn't have the skylights or the care-taking time to have them? i'd like to introduce you to the nature maker. you can custom design your own, or work with their designers, to create a near-real arboreal experience any where you can imagine it.
each tree is engineered to meet structural and seismic codes and is entirely handcrafted in the nature maker studio as a series of telescopically interlocking, finished components which are then seamlessly installed in the final location.
an intricate steel substructure is created by certified welders. then sculptors, painters, and scenic artists hand apply, hand carve, hand paint, and scenically age the inherently fire-retardant bark to the steel substructure. the leaves and branches of the tree are painstakingly assembled by hand in the naturemaker studio. my head is spinning with all the possibilities ~ indoor treehouses for the kids, a "wall" of cypress or bamboo to separate spaces, hiding structural columns with gorgeous birch or maple..... i could go on & on, so here are some residential photos to get your imagination stirred-up too.

p.s. they also make custom furniture using this same technology:


Arch said...

This is really beautiful...what a great idea!

Thanks for sharing:-)


studio wellspring said...

thanks, arch! their work is really amazing isn't it?