some spring in your fall

yay ~ my crazy busy week is over and now i can resume my "regular" life! these fresh cheerful white & chartreuse tulips look so gorgeous in our entry lobby right now, so i just had to share them with you. it's fun to receive the refreshing feeling of spring when you feel like you've been in a cave for a few days. but now i'll turn my decorating attention to the pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and graveyards that are begging to be let out of the creativity closet. i definitely feel the excitement building for autumn and all its splendor ~ i think i'll go take a walk in the woods and visit the pumpkin patch this weekend. i hope you have a fall-fabulous weekend too!


paris parfait said...

Gorgeous tulips - yes, decidedly spring-like (and it's turned cold here).

studio wellspring said...

it was chilly & rainy last week here and now we've got this crazy heat wave going on. hi 70's & lo 80's all over the bay. weee!