el nivel siguiente

my first tango series is over and now it's on to the level two series. plus i begin follower's workshop style classes on mondays. obsession much? yes, unabashedly, yes.
my first tango guru, the always insightful tangobaby, posted about this couple recently. while she was in venice. really. this tango couple {michelle & murat erdemsel} are so romantically musically amazing she took the time to blog about them while on her vacay in venice. and i am so grateful. a whole new inspiration to behold. and to share with you ~ happy thursday!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I can barely stand the fabulousness of your tango-ing!!

studio wellspring said...

ummm....just to clarify, that is not me dancing in the video clip but a new found idol of mine. ;o)

tangobaby said...

Damn, that milonga is so fun to dance to. Just listening to it makes you hop around in your seat.

You know they're coming to SF in a few weeks, right?!


studio wellspring said...

yes, i heard {i think thru your blog} that they'll be gracing san francisco with their skills. i'll keep an eye out for them for sures.

Charmain said...