rainy morning refreshment

{photos collected from flickr, montage composed by yours truly ~ best if viewed large, just click on the image}

and this scene reminds me of rain {the black, the white, the syncopation, the intensity} so i'm adding it in here for your friday morning viewing pleasure

{an interesting part of tango's history was men regularly dancing together, for several reasons. decent women of good reputation in the 1800's didn't want any part of the sexually explicit dance style, and brothel women had to be paid.....so if a man wanted to practice the new dance the only possibility was another man. apparently groups of men would gather to practice improvise & innovate, which is what allowed the rapid development of this dance style. to be a good dancer was {still is} a sure way of attracting the ladies' attention, so men practiced among themselves so they could surprise and attract admiration from others}


tangobaby said...

If you want to see some great male/male dancing that is not choreographed, go to the link on my blog for Nora's Tango Week 2006. About 2/3 of the way into the program, you'll see a number with Hugo Patyn and Jorge Firpo dancing and you get a feeling for what those early days were like.

I was there during the performance and I can tell you that those two were electric. It's funny, though that you never see two guys dancing at a milonga here, ever.

studio wellspring said...

thanks for the link tip, tangobaby. hugo & jorge are amazing. if men start dancing together at milonga's then we should be worried ~ i suppose that would only happen in sf. ;o) but i think of men & men dancing together as a last resort whenever lovely ladies such as yourself aren't anywhere to be found.