paula pryke's posies

as my friends know, when i retire from interior design i want to open a flower shop. i will make lovely arrangements and give many of them away because it won't be about making money it will be about giving joy through flowers and plants. so whenever i find amazing florists i save them for future reference {and reverence}. paula pryke is definitely an amazing florist ~ she's considered one of the most influtential florists in the world and has published ten books. and she has a flower school. yes, that's right. someday i can travel to london and take classes at the flower house in islington.
until then, some inspiring arrangements will have to do:

and of course there are her many incredible books to read & learn from too:


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Ooh these are pretty. I love the ribbon wrapped vase. What a nice way to spend your retirement.

Arch at Rang said...

These are absolutely stunning:-)


studio wellspring said...

calie ~ it's nice to have big dreams to look forward to no matter how far off they may seem. :o)

arch ~ her work is utterly inspiring, you should check out her books sometime if you get a chance.

paris parfait said...

Yes and she has shops in London, including one at Selfridge's. Simply astonishing arrangements of gorgeous flowers and her books are wonderfully photographed.