edra ~ 20th anniversary

ecclectic, artistic, and unique the furniture from edra beckons you to sit pretty or cuddle up, no matter where you find it. the milan-based edra is celebrating 20 years of combining advanced technology with traditional craft skills, continual successful experimentation with materials, and creating furniture that speaks to the emotions and the intellect. as you can see, their photo shoot locations are equally as unique and fun as their furniture designs.


Arch said...

Came in through Vineeta's blog.

You have an interesting blog here:-)
An eclectic collection of sofas indeed!


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Hi Anjie,
We got a new computer last night and when we synched my outlook to my blackberry, I lost your email and email address. I’m down for Friday; if you send me a new email - we can confirm time and place. I love the red rose chair - beautiful!


studio wellspring said...

thanks arch ~ you've got a wonderful collection of things on your blogs too. welcome to studio wellspring!

and i'm so looking forward to happy hour, calie!