true nature

what happens when you come across a beautiful redhead who's a talented artist, excellent photographer, deep thinker & world traveler? you tell your friends on your blog with glee, that's what! jenny of true nature blog (based in buenos aires) has captivated me. i'm sure she'll do the same for you. . . . . look at these samples from her blog to see what i mean:
(lovely photo of seafoam clouds & golden umbrellas)

(i heart tango and this is a painting i'm trying to buy from her. yes she painted it!)

(colored pencils & jewelry parts in her studio. she also happens to make beautiful jewelry too)

and here's to the crazy ones (many happen to be my heroes):

(albert einstein, bob dylan, martin luther king, jr., richard branson, john lennon, r. buckminster fuller, thomas edison, muhammad ali, ted turner, maria callas, mahatma gandhi, amelia earhart, alfred hitchcock, martha graham, jim henson, frank lloyd wright and picasso)

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