the alpha workshops

based in new york city, the alpha workshops is an interesting and inspiring organization ~ a non-profit started in 1995 that trains and employs people living with hiv/aids in the decorative arts. and this isn't some half-hearted effort. their work is exceptional and significant. they will create fully custom, one-of-a-kind finishes and furnishings, and they offer a ton of ready made products too ~ gorgeous wallpaper, lighting, decorative finishes, gilding & restoration in the highest craftsmanship. an entirely impressive company!


vineeta said...

Wow! Im really impressed with the work. And I think its really commendable that these people are able to be productive & creative despite the debilitating HIV. This is inspirational!

studio wellspring said...

indeed vineeta! i love discovering places that are making a huge difference like this. gives us hope amongst so much worldly turmoil.