cartier love day

this is the man you want to see at your front door..... he’s cute, he’s hard working, and best of all ~ he’s from cartier!
cartier pages have been waltzing all over san francisco hand delivering invites to the boutique’s private opening night party on september 6th to celebrate their big new store on post street.
btw, the event is designed by stanlee gatti so you know there's going to be an abundance of opulence. here are some examples of a few of his previous events:

("one an earth installation" with mr.gatti himself at the conservatory of flowers in golden gate park)

and to top it off, our fabulous mayor, who will be at the opening cartier event, has declared september 6, 2007 as “cartier love day” in san francisco!
are you feeling the love yet? i know i am!


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Breathtaking! Concept to execution, what an inspiration to the rest of us.

studio wellspring said...

so true calie ~ now i only wish i was invited too. hopefully i can find some great shots of the event afterwards to share.