light at the end

i'm approaching that last flight...... my huge athletic club project will have 100% design drawings finished and submitted to the contractor for pricing and construction by monday. it will be a long weekend finishing up all the last details. but i can finally see the light at the end of this long tunnel {which has been anything but a straight path ~ rather full of twists, shoots & ladders!}
i hope y'all have a peaceful & prosperous weekend!

oh yeah ~ also, welcome jenni & seth to the goldengate heights 'hood ~ it's my greatest pleasure to now call you neighbor! hopefully you don't have many more moving steps to climb today. i'll bring the champagne for happy hour!

{photo from john pawson's house}


j said...

thanks, anjie! we are thrilled to be neighbors with the sunny diva! thanks for the champagne visit and for letting me snag your wireless in my time of need. next project - your design eyedeas for our living room!

susan said...

Good neighbors are a good thing, lucky you! I hear you about the busy weekend. As we speak, on this incredibly gorgeous day, I'm indoors working painstakingly hard on a detailed kitchen! Somehow it will all get done for you, that's what I always say, I'm not quite sure how, but I know it will all get done!

studio wellspring said...

so true susan! and this is a long time coming for jenni & i. since we were in middle school we've been talking about growing up & living next to each other.
and yes i got everything finished for the due date. now we get to dig into the nitty-gritty details. i hope your kitchen is going great ~ can't wait to hear more about it.