bloom where you're planted

i'd like to share a few favorite pieces that have caught my eye lately ~ all are functional and decorative at the same time ~ a perfect combination really.{the flamenco chandelier by charles loomis ~ the embossed glass diffusers on stainless steel arms may appear to be some fancy floral mobile0like art, but it's actually a light fixture ~ dramatic, passionate & fun, just like its namesake dance}

{fresh fat chair by tom dixon ~ extruded and hand-woven clear plastic. the material glistens like glass but is much less fragile. it looks like a delicate piece of art, but is also a durable and {supposedly} comfortable place to take a load off}

{the bloom table by twentieth art & design serves as a vase for any seasonal blooms or branches, and it makes a nice side table for your tea cup, or a place to set a few books or magazines, or evento store a rolled towel or two if you decide to use it in your bath. it comes in polished stainless steel or a variety of painted steel colors}

{susan bradley's creep shelf is glass powder coated steel and comes in white or black. it works as a shelf to offset some favorite little tid-bit collectible, but it could just as well remain as-is and look lovely on your wall all on its own. found on rocket st.george}

{the anna morph shelving unit by sawaya & moroni ~ matt sindall photographs colorful floral and geometric subjects, prints them on transparent melamine, and uses it to wrap the wooden structure of the limited-edition bookcase. it can stand proudly on its four stainless-steel feet, without so much as a single volume inside}

{the bouquet fixture line by minital lux ~ made from glass and aluminum. for decorative lighting and splash of sparkle}


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

The creep shelf is a knockout and it reminds me of the 1450 roses.

studio wellspring said...

good call, calie! landoni's work is so incredible.

vineeta said...

I just loved the bouquet fixture and the creep shelf! this is a lovely collection!