three cakes, one day

this past saturday teri & i set out on the ultra ambitious mission of trying 3 new cake recipes. there was a theme: chocolate & pomegranate; and a sub-theme: tuaca rescues disasters.

(swiss butter cream, naked chocolate cakes, and our projects in progress)

(teri not amused by the parfait failure, our tuaca soothers, and me photographing our fave cake)

(all that was worth showing of the parfait disaster, the bleeding heart cake surprise, and the ganache covered dream-come-true cake)

(this one goes in the portfolio)

many more photos here & here.


Bhavna said...

I can't bake to save my life! This is so inspiring...and mouth watering! :-)

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much bhavna! you might be surprised how baking with friends can be more fun & successful then you'd hoped. :o)