london design festival ~ lighting loves

the reporting teams over at mocoloco and design boom brought back a ton of lighting lovelies from the london design festival week. and you know i'm a huge fan of lighting design, so i just had to share some of these!
{tom dixon's installation in front of the national gallery in trafalgar square ~ a huge chandelier made of his blow lights. he gave away 1,000 of these low energy blow lights as part of his campaign to change how we think about energy consumption}

{flower ball light, made from recycled plastic bottles, designed by heath nash ~ the brilliant south african designer who uses people's rubbish to make lovely furnishings}

{the anglepoise fifty lamps, designed by anthony dickens, are an innovative take on an old school table lamp ~ the injection-moulded polycarbonate design is a transparent shade with a lamp fitting. the back of the lamp is exposed, which floods the wall behind it with light and projects the color of the lamp forward through the plastic body}

{multicolored striped steel and aluminium table lamp by fredrik mattson: pxl. this would look great in so many settings! to add fun to an office, for a kid's bedside lamp, in an ecclectic sitting room. i'd love to find several happy homes for these}

{the dandilight by benjamin hubert is made of cast resin and aluminum. i've been working with cast resin on several project and i tell you it is an amazing prodcut! this lamp is available as a floor lamp or hanging pendant. i love dandelions anyway, so this was one of my insta-favorites}

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