framing audrey

this weekend i finally got to frame the posters from two of my favorite audrey movies. i've had them for a while now and it feels so good to have them out of their rolled-up storage and on rightful display.
(the italian version of the movie poster for breakfast at tiffany's is now framed in an old window i got at a flea market in seattle. it waited 5 years for the reason to use it again. ah-ha! it's a perfect fit for audrey)

(the italian version of the movie poster for funny face got framed in gold. it fits pretty well above my stack of vintage cases next to my bed, but eventually it will go up on the wall. for now i like having it close to brighten my dreams)
~ ~ ~ ~
oh yeah, and i also cleaned and organized the rest of my apartment too. talk about happy satisfaction!

(our vintage ge cooktop, circa 1960 with cook's provisions along side and tangerine dahlia's on the sill above. and my handmade john herold ceramics lined up along that gorgeous mediterranean tile backsplash)

(even the magazines and books in our foyer got cleaned out & adjusted too)

and i'll leave you with one of my favorite audrey quotes: "for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~a.h.


paris parfait said...

That poster framed by the old window casing is stunning!

studio wellspring said...

thanks so much ~ it was tons of fun to put it all together.

vineeta said...

what a stunning idea to frame the poster in a window! i've never seen anything like it! it was worth the time u took to put it together. And you do have a lovely home :) loved the honeycombed headrest & the vintage cases.

studio wellspring said...

thank you thank you thank you vineeta! i think it's a matter of having a very tight budget for my own home that pushes me to try more creative off-the-wall things than i might for clients who have much larger budgets. if it weren't for flea markets & garage sales & hand-me-downs my place would be nearly empty! :o)