custom piiroinen

a finnish furniture maker has once again brought innovation to the furnishings market! piiroinen offers an online software tool that allows you to upload any photo or pattern for them to use when making custom tables and chairs for you from their flakes line. made of transparent glass fiber and stainless steel, they are great for indoor & outdoor use, as the frame is specially treated with zinc and lacquer.
what a fabulous idea! check it out here.

{thanks to the diva at design-milk for introducing me to it}


paris parfait said...

These chairs are fantastic - if only I had a big yard and could throw a garden party!

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

This is so cool! I love the fact that they don't look too kitchy. I'd love to do this with nautical maps.

studio wellspring said...

tara i bet you could do it in a tiny yard too. a garden party for 2, anyone? ;o)

great idea calie ~ maps are so fabulous. i thought old blueprints would make gorgeous chair & table prints too.

Martha said...

What fun... and such endless possibilities! :)

Martha B.

Simone said...

Found your blog randomly when looking for the company who makes the phantom clocks... What an interesting blog! Thank you!

I have downloaded the software to design my own Flakes chairs and table, but I can't upload my photos... The button "browse" doesn't allow me to click.... How can I solve this problem?

I thought it would be a lovely Valentine's present!

Thank you!