speaking of baked treats

i love to bake & i find it very inspiring. it takes technical skill, creativity, & determination. some of the best bakers are true designers with their work. in fact that's why i'm posting about miss.bossacafez (evan) today. she is an entirely self-taught baker ~ never taken a single class (but admits to spending a fortune of money & time on baking books). her creations are unique, gorgeously well thought-out, and stunning to look at. by the popularity she's gained from her blog & flickr sites i'm sure they are delicious too, but i haven't ordered anything to try myself. she's based in singapore but hopefully she can ship her treats? i've selected a small sampling to show here, so please do check out her blog & flickr to see her full range of baking talents.
and have a delicious wednesday!

(green tea macha cupcakes with macha cream cheese frosting and topped with pink wafer flowers. finished with a sprinkle of macha powder. wow.)

(pistachio apricot cake on the left and a summer berry tiramisu on the right. beautiful yum!)

(her jaw dropping mooncakes ~ this one is mache snowskin with green tea lotus and toasted melon seed filling)

(and her most popular ~ for obvious reasons ~ her macaroons! she creates amazingly unique flavors: lavender, rose, green tea, pistachio, sesame noir, cafe noisette, frambroise, apricot, mango, cocoa just to name a few.)


evan said...

hi! thx for posting a short write-up about my bakes. glad you like them =) actually i don't ship to anywhere, only singapore. that's becoz im not sure about the freight charges/procedures (plus i heard customs are very strict abt these). moreover i don't think perishables can last that long?

studio wellspring said...

but of course. i figured as much. but thought i'd dream up receiving your treats in my mailbox anyway. you do amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Those green tea macha cupcakes look soo yummy~