vintage nursery walls

second hand rose is a great site that collects attic fulls of vintage wall papers. they have a ton of novelty designs which i think would look great on one wall in a child's room or maybe for the inside of their closet or even in a framed-out reading nook? here are some of my favorites:

( i adore peter pan ~ the flying and adventures and never growing old.....i had a large hard-back picture book to tell me the story when i was little, so this vintage scene takes me right back in time. i love it!)

(red and brown curvey stripes put these cute vintage bikes in motion)

(for the little cowboy or cowgirl ~ wonderful red handkerchief motif with saddles, spurs, and horseshoes. so adorable!)

(this fun pattern includes woodland & safari animals playing around together. anything with giraffes gets two thumbs up from me)

(hey - that's not wallpaper. that's ilia grace! how'd she get in here?)

(vibrant colors & cute grinning sheep. combined with all white furnishings ~ it couldn't help but put a smile on your face!)

(and, of course, i had to pick-out the orange, grey, brown and gold daisies ~ retro and super-stylin')


Wishful Thinking said...

Love your blog! We have the same tastes in a lot of things. Thanks for the comment over at my blog!

wishful thinking said...

Check this out...remember this post?


wishful thinking said...

Read the comment that Paul left...

studio wellspring said...

wow ~ i love how small a world it is sometimes.