carolyn quartermaine

this joyous blog reminded me this past week about london-based diva of sumptuous design: carolyn quartermaine. i have seen her work in many places (elle decor, vogue living, house beautiful to name a few) and am absolutely taken with the beautiful fantasies she creates in decor, collages, food, fabrics, really anything she does. her textiles and styling feel like spring freshness, (infused with french 18th-century pieces such as louis xv chairs covered in her luscious silks). and what a welcome site for sore eyes ~ my spring fever has hit, and as i watch the daffodils, hyacinth & lily of the valley start to bloom in my little back yard garden i'm even more inspired for the cheery softness of spring to be in full swing. and when you see carolyn's work i'm sure your spring will start to be sprung too. in more ways than one!

(her book, published in 1997 ~ oooo i'd love a hard-back copy of this!)


(above are 2 of her collage art works ~ they're more gorgeous when framed but i couldn't find any nice photos of them. the cover of the jan/feb 2007 issue of somerset studios has a nice image of the "toile royale" in a gold frame & a great article about the artist)

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