baby oh baby

a girl as adorable as this can change your life. she's my niece ilia (eye-lee-uh) grace. i'm taking off to visit her in oregon for the next several days and i want to do some projects in her room while i'm there, so i've been collecting ideas to share and inspire.

(apartment therapy's new nursery site is a resource to admire)

(three wonderfully thoughtful children's rooms from serena & lily)

(martha's gurus have some great ideas for nursery decor projects)

have a great weekend ~ i'm off to get me some ilia kisses!

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Gavo said...

Nieces are the greatest Anj. That first smile of recognition and trust that comes from being part of the family is awesome. That bond and love that comes from the relationship that just to two of you develop is indescribable.

PS yup I am the Gav in Oz. Everything in Australia gets shortened to end in -o. Garbage collectors are garbos, relatives become rellos and Gav becomes Gavo.

Stay cool ...