hanging opulence

(hand-blown glass globes and powder coated steel come together to make the cosmopolitan chandelier by lampa. i love the fragile & sturdy combo, plus the color is so vibrant...and i think it might be perfect for a certain friend's future game room....)

(this unique fixture, by the dynamic product design duo at zuii, marcel sigel & alana di giacomo, is of dramatic eco-interest. it's made from twisted-up plastic bags. the soft light glows as if dispersed through milky glass beads.)

(a gorgeous chartreuse chandelier by barovier and toso. it's called erfud and has spun-sugar glass arms adorned with crystal drops. found in murano, italy, of course.)

(jgood designs makes custom furniture pieces and lighting. the aqua hanging fixture above is lovely with its subtle whimsy & hand blown elegance.)

(swarovski sparkles , a design competition that asks participants to exploit the beauty and technical possibilities of crystal, gave inspiration for tord boontje's "ting ting ting" ~ an impressive piece with its 101 ruby-colored suspended crystal tubular bells. ring-a-ling-a-ling)

(more deco than rococo, the phebo chandelier features 3,000 square crystal tiles. lolli e memolli, yes their real last names, are brilliant architects with their own all custom designed light fixture studio. based in italy, their work is commissioned all over the world.)


j said...

this is my pr0n.

anjiejoon said...

yeah, sweets, i know what you mean. oooo.