all about the LOVE

so, saint valentino's commercially-consumed loveday is in full swing. even though i'm not fond of the over-hallmark-ing, i still think it's a good excuse to tell loved ones how you feel (if you don't do it on a regular basis already). and, in the some vein, i thought i'd show some nice little items that make me swoon and will hopefully give you a little flutter too.
( beautiful heart themed cards found on etsy at blakes work)

(here's a sweet & delightful reminder that anything is possible. everything will go your way with this dangling around your neck. made by elisabeth space, found on etsy)

(the fatboy beanbag will hug you & hold you. a great variety of styles & patterns can be seen on design public)

(button rings ~ deliciously adorable! oh how i wish i had found these in time to wear today! they're almost sold out so don't delay the click to inspire company's site to find one for yourself)

(jump over to room service home for these lovely french garden vases, made of white ceramic & oh so romantic)

(tikoli's fractil kitchen towels found at velocity ~ so hot!)

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