let's talk about rex

i'm just gonna come out and say it: i love rex ray! his art work, that is. i've never actually met the man. so, when i discovered a large showing of his incredible pieces at the bank of america building in sf's financial district, i had to go by to get some photos. it was definitely worth the trip (some of the best pieces i've seen), however, it was quite disappointing because the security guards on duty in the lobby have od'd on the terrorist-scare-roids and wouldn't let me walk anywhere near the art work nor take photos unless i was outside the building (through thick panes of glass). i offerred to give them my photo id (which i've done in the past when visiting people in the building) but they said that wouldn't do. i even offerred to let them search me and escort me as i took quick snapshots of the art, but they still said no. now i'm left wondering if the security thing has gotten way out of hand? either that or they're now on hi-alert for a new type of bomb threat: 5'3" blonde women in business attire with a digital camera. so fierce.
anyway, without my own images to show, i've pulled some faves from the net. please enjoy rex's work ..... & if you get a chance to go by the b-of-a building, be sure to bring your binoculars.






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