flavor paper for fat tuesday

in honor of fat tuesday here is new orlean's based flavor paper ~ this is an ultra fabulous firm who designs and makes hand screened wall coverings. their work is bursting into many settings around the country, adding spice to the walls in any environment.
(lenny kravitz's new orleans house features the "highway 66" design, paper on chrome mylar, in the great room)

("mirage" ~ incredible intricate pattern)

("bubbly" in champagne sets the mood in this master bath in miami beach)

("kabloom", much as its name suggests, will make a huge statement in any space)

("highway 66", in pomegranite, made it into hgtv's 1960's bachelor pad ~ very groovy!)

("flower of love" installation at kos lounge in ny ~ in money green it's definitely a perfect celebrity backdrop)

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the 90/10 rule said...

I know flavor paper! Love them!