a staged work in progress

for a large residential project i'm proudly working on in downtown sf, the client requested we mock-up the walls and stage some furniture so they could better visualize the scale of the spaces. i found the juxtaposition of the staged furnishings with the unfinishedness of the built space (dirty concrete floors, coroplast walls, exposed mechanical electrical & plumbing roughs) to be so interesting and almost quaint ~ definitely worth sharing. these photos were taken in the living room area.

plus the views are quite stunning....

(looking down on the living room from the 2nd floor)
(looking back into the living room from a terrace)

(this deck/plank stretches out over the streets 40 floors below. it gives a bit of vertigo to stand at the railing on a windy day. wooo!)

(this is the view looking out the north side of the penthouse, over yerba buena & moscone center)
there are photos of additional rooms here in case you wanna see more.

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