wind warrior weekend

this is a photo of lourdes bretos, the only woman who rode harleys in cuba before the revolution, when such a practice was practically unheard of and considered most unlady like. boy do i admire her! i hope you're able to experience your version of warriorship this weekend, wherever you are!
{from vice queen maria's flickr collection}


tangobaby said...

That IS a great photo!

I am reading a book about pirates right now, and I am on the chapter about two women pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

I love knowing about women who broke boundaries and lived on their own terms. It takes incredible courage to live truly on your own.

Thanks for the inspiration!

studio wellspring said...

that book sounds fascinating, tb! and i'll have to share the one i'm reading right now with you since it is exactly the theme you described: filled w/ stories of ground-breaking inspiring women thru-out history.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Hey, it's vicequeenmaria here. Found your blog doing a google search. I'm finally at the research stage for my book and I'll be interviewing Lourdes in the weeks to come. I'm glad you found her inspiring! Stay tuned.

studio wellspring said...

hi vice-queen-maria and welcome to my swellspring! im' so gla dyou stopped in and saw my little tribute to your lourdes. please keep me posted on how the book is coming along ~ i'm very excited to read it! :o)