ro::living is an exclusive boutique featuring specialty home décor items of original design, incorporating vintage and contemporary couture fabrics and textiles. all of their items are handmade and one of a kind. ro::living proudly rescues vintage designer fabrics, breathing new life into fabulous classic couture textile patterns from respected french and italian designers. their 2007 collection celebrates the textile genius of italian designer emilio pucci (1914-1992). many times these amazing and precious vintage fabrics would otherwise be lost if not revitalized in other creations. a significant number of the textiles that we have chosen for our designs have been out of production for decades. because of this, once our designs from any particular line have sold out, there are no more available.
{this exquisitely delicious upholstered chair balances fresh, quietly modern design with accents of vintage emilio pucci for formfit rogers fabric [circa late 1960s]. the clean, crisp white and minty-cool chameleon green blends smoothly into the genuine pucci fabric, denoted with the unique "epfr" signature on the turquoise, purple, green and blue floral field}

{modern sensibility with high octane style is the standard in the jet set series, distinctively denoted by this chandelier of ro::living's signature design. it's all in the details ~ in this case that means vintage emilio pucci fabric (circa early 1970s) of sequin-like discs that shimmer and mingle with opaque onces in a waterfall pattern. an acrylic cylinder houses the lighting element and diffuses the light beautifully}

{ro::living's vision of this fantastically fun george nelson classic brings it to a completely customized level, with fabrics that coordinate with each client's individuality, personality, and residential/commercial decor needs. the cushions are detachable for easy cleaning, and can be interchangeable, as well. this item is custom-order only}

{especially for jendita & sethie! but what prized pup or kitty cat would not want to ride in style on these exclusive pet travel beds? each travel bed is simply designed with four-legged friends in mind, making their travels that much easiser. with comfy polyfill and couture detailing in a mod orange, moss green and black pattern ~ designed by kiki kenman!}


j said...

it. is. an. ALMOND! the shopper in me is elated to now have an entire new sector of the retail market pertain to us. our kiki will ride in style!

tangobaby said...

That's a pet's bed?! I want one for ME!


paris parfait said...

Oh what fun! Love that red sofa, with a twist.

studio wellspring said...

jendita ~ it IS an almond! i think we shoudl clean out our closest of the old & tired attires, sell them to a 2nd hand store and use the proceeds to buy this dog bed for kiki. yes, it's that expensive to require us to combine forces on this activity ~ but it would be so worth it! :o)
until, unless, she outgrows it in a month. ha ha!

studio wellspring said...

tangobaby ~ i have a sewing machine & years of sewing 4-h behind me, not to mention some lines of style in my palm that will awe even the most seasoned hand analyst. so i suggest that i make you one of your very own! let's go fabric & notion shopping asap....can you say britex?!?! :o)

studio wellspring said...

hi tara ~ i was thinking such a fun mashmellowy sofa would be great for a kid's playroom or bedroom. but it would be great in any whimsical & bright setting to eb sure.