mellow yellow

happy friday, shiny happy people!

{photos from these flickr folks, top to bottom: jamesgalpin, jennib {that's my mini cooper she took that great shot of}, natashap, nickidobrin}


dianamuse said...

These photos are so beautiful. I think I'm breathing a bit deeper just looking at them. (NatashaP's flickr site in truly incredible! Thanks for the lovely link.)

Happy weekend to YOU!

Relyn said...

I love this happy post. Even from what little I know of you, if I were to choose the perfect car for you, I would have chosen a yellow mini-cooper. So now I feel brilliant and intuitive. Seriously, though - I love your shiny, happy post. Hope the coming work week is wonderful.

studio wellspring said...

hi dianamuse ~ i am completely smitten with natashap's photographic eye. and i'm so glad you enjoyed it too!

relyn oh relyn, continuing to be so impressive with your kindness & intuitions. thank you!

vineeta said...

wooouh!!! what pretty pictures!!! I'd use them through the year & not restrict it to a happy friday :) Thanx Angie, for sharing these simple but stunning images :)