wanna get away from it all?

after a week of wild up's & down's, on both personal levels and in the bigger world around me, i'm left with the very strong desire for a big vacation.
a downside this week: what were the mediators of the democratic debate thinking? oh yeah, nothing. and clearly they were expecting americans to not be able to think either.
an upside this week: my parents are visiting me in sf ~ and it feels so very good to have them here!
another downside: a lot of stress & sleepless nights over some difficult personal decisions that life has swung my way.
another upside: wonderful people are popping out of the woodwork of my life and amazing me with their supportiveness and encouragement.

anyway, i won't bore you with any more of the details, because in the end {& it is friday afterall} the outcome is the same: i'm wanting to travel & get away from it all. in a big way. ah, yes, just to be in a neutral place where my main responsibilities are to rejuvenate & relax & enjoy.
but where?
this great big world offers so many options. . . . .
bali, madagascar, argentina, italy, whistler b.c., new orleans. . . . .
well, i'll keep dreaming & scheming while i save up the cash. ;o)
but for this weekend i'll focus on having fun playing hostess to two of my fave people: my mom & my dad. i'll try to take some photos to share with you next week.

what are you dreaming & scheming for the weekend? or beyond?
whatever it brings, i hope you enjoy it thoroughly!


vineeta said...

Oh Angie, I'm dreaming and scheming of travel too!! (when am I not!) But the difference this time is that I'm really determined to take a rather longish break. Longer than I've ever taken, so yes, that will take major planning and saving which Im about to do :) We will exchange notes when we finally do it- we will blog about it :)!

studio wellspring said...

thanks for your encouraging words vineeta! for a little while longer i'll just be dreaming & scheming in my mind. needs require. but i'm bound & determined for some exotic adventures abroad sometime in the not too distant future. if you go 1st, please do share all so i can live vicariously. ;o)