all my life's a circle

"birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.
how do they learn it?
they fall
and falling,
they're given wings."
~ rumi

{a photo of the incredible art of jim denevan ~ found on his website here}


Relyn said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing. I loved meeting this new artist. Talk about transience and impermanence. I love the idea of leaving beauty behind for whoever happens on it. Just walking away and letting go of the need to control outcomes and perceptions.

Well! I guess this artist and the words you choose spoke to me even more than I realized. Thanks. Really – thanks. I think I’ll go do a little thinking with pen and paper. You have my wheels really turning.

studio wellspring said...

yes, relyn, jim's work is so evocative. and it really represents where i'm at with my life right now. letting go of needs & control & expectation & even hope & fear is a liberating process {albeit difficult at times}and i find myself continually being reminded of the necesity of doing so. please feel free to share your pen-&-paper thoughts any time. :o)

tangobaby said...

How gorgeous! I can't wait to learn more about him.

Now you've given me an idea... (so what else is new?)

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous photo and a perfect quote to match. Once in a while we need to remind ourselves that as painful as it may be to fall, not attempting to fly would be much worse.

karey m. said...

have popped in before...and left feeling utterly inspired. but today? with your harry chapin reference?! made me recall the happiest of memories...thanks for that. will be back...

studio wellspring said...

tangobaby ~ i look forward to hearing about &/or seeing your idea. ;o)

so wise & true, tara!

hi karey ~ thanks for stopping in & commenting. please do come back and feel free to offer your opinions, insights, what-have-you's. ;o)

dianamuse said...

Oh, my. More gorgeousness! This reminds me of the Spiral Jetty exhibit I saw at the Whitney - maybe two or three years ago.

Wonderful post.