some earth day revelry

happy earth day everybody!
i've got a few fun suggestions to help celebrate the day.....

{check out the grist's many thought provoking articles on the earth day theme today}

{check out awesome posters by douglas jones ~ found on sfgirlbybay}

{check out a book with 500 simple ways to help you reduce your carbon footprint}

{check out eco chick's fabulous list of what not to do on earth day}

and as an added bonus, because i like you and want to help distract you from the drama of this earth day & pennsylvania voting day, here is part one & two from jon stewart's interview with barack obama last night on the daily show. enjoy!


paris parfait said...

Thanks for these! Great clips (I needed a good laugh today) and posters. xo

studio wellspring said...

hi tara ~ i'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. i definitely thought of you when i put the video clips up there because i figured you wouldn't get to see the daily show much in paris. i just adore jon stewart's sense of humor! and it's nice to see a lighter side of obama amidst all the tensions & exhaustion he must also be dealing with.

vineeta said...

Great stuff! I especially loved those vintage styled posters- superb!

studio wellspring said...

hi vineeta! yes douglas jones is a very talented guy ~ thought provoking art to be sure.