eco fabric chic

green products, and especially green textiles have a reputation in some design circles as being too earthy and plain-jane, not chic enough. but there are plenty of companies emerging to break that stereotype for good. here are several of my favorites:

{silver state fabrics ~ drink in the beauty of body and soul, a vibrant new fabric collection for the hospitality market made from 100 percent recycled, recyclable polyester derived from plastic water bottles. the high-performance fabric contributes toward leed credit, is 54 inches wide, and is available in 14 patterns, shown in fiery red}

{indika organics ~ simple and elegant designs are created to capture earth's essence and energy using sustainable fabrics that recognize the benefits of natural and organically grown materials. crafted using the highest standard of quality, their custom designs are created especially for those people who desire to live in a chemically free environment and further promote healthy living}

{lulan ~ uses materials such as silk, organic cotton and other natural fibers, natural and/or low-impact dyes, age-old weaving techniques and processes that have been used for centuries that create hand spun, hand dyed, hand woven and hand-finished textiles. the use of these materials and process ensures their fabrics are healthier for their weavers, their customers and the environment}


paris parfait said...

These are wonderful - beautiful and good for the environment.

studio wellspring said...

so true, tara ~ but i look forward to the day when this is the norm rather than a novelty. ;o)

ECO star said...

I like the concept, it is very good for environment and we should design and make more environment friendly products for the world....any one know who is the suppliers? where can i buy the materials..