a mosaic of spain

last month i went to the macy's annual flower show to see the transformation and enjoy the visual splendor. they always go all-out for these shows, and this was no exception. the theme "a mosaic of spain" was thoroughly displayed throughout the store showcasing flora, food, decor & style from all regions of spain. set against the backdrop of thousands of blooms and citrus, olive and cypress trees, tons of bright colors, gorgeous patterns, and enticing displays kept me absorbed for at least an hour as i wandered through every floor to see what was around each corner.
for the 2 weeks long event macy's hosted cooking demonstrations, concerts, fashion shows and, most importantly, spectacular floral arrangements. i took a ton of photos and chose a few of my favorites to share here. feel free to jump over to my flickr album to see the rest.


paris parfait said...

I love Macy's in San Fran and these events they sponsor. Thanks for sharing the photos! xo

studio wellspring said...

it's a treasure right around the corner from where i work so i can do such "field trips" on my lunch break. i do wonder about all the man-hours that must go into a transformation like this ~ it happened almost overnight! they must have been preparing & plannign for months with everythign all ready to set-up waiting in storgae units before the big opening. and, i also wonder what happens to everything after the show is over? i wish i could've been there to bid on a few things. ;o)