photographer's friday: david duncan livingston

david duncan livingston resides in gorgeous marin county of the sf bay area, but he travels all over the world to photograph interiors, landscapes, people and art. he has a great way of telling a story with his artful photo direction and keen sense of style. i have worked with him on several occasions doing photo shoots of my own work (some of which i've blogged about here in the past) and he has taught me a multitude of things: tricks for making the camera capture just the right look and feel of a space, the right color combination and quantity of still life objects to add to a tableau to enhance it rather than detract from it, how to make floral arrangements just the right size and shape to perfect a scene, and how to look for shadows & light in a whole new way. so i suppose this post is as much a thank you to him as it is a showing of his great skill.

also here is a list of books his photography has been published in:


patriciagrayinc.com said...

love david's photography

studio wellspring said...

thanks, patricia. he is a very talented fellow.