alameda antique fair finds

after much envy over the finds victoria shows off over on sf-girl-by-bay, i finally had the chance to go to the alameda flea/antique market for myself. it was even more wonderful than i expected! a group of friends and i caravanned over to alameda from san francisco on a gorgeous warm sunday morning. it was somewhat overwhelming and very exciting ~ 100's of booths with everything from vintage hats to antique tools to afghan rugs. i only brought $50 in cash intentionally so i wouldn't over-spend on my first visit. next time i'll bring more, for sure. if you haven't been, i can heartily recommend it. some advice: be sure to wear comfy shoes, sunscreen & maybe even a hat. oh, and bring a bag or rolling cart to carry your loot in, a note pad or camera to recall what you liked & where it was so you can go back to it later, and plenty of cash so you don't have to wait in horrendously long cash machine lines in the market. happy hunting!

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