feeling floral

{an innovative home accessory: fumfum flower magazine holder first seen at the interior lifestyles 2007}

{the unfortunate thing about collecting things in a hurry over a long period of time is sometimes i save a picture of something incredible without saving the detailed info about it. such is the case here. i've searched the entire internet and still can't find the source of this photo. if you know, please share}

{little field of flowers rug by tord boontje for nani marquina ~ it's available in 3 different colors and is 100% felted wool. can be purchased for a steep sum at plushpod}
{the dream bag ~ kasper medin and ulrika e. engberg's dream bag is "furniture to rest in, play with or to dream away in; a dream like flower for the young and old people. close it into a bud and let it blossom when or wherever you want either inside or outdoors" more photos of this beauty are here}

{the iceland poppy from irving penn's exhibit at the pace macgill gallery in february of this year}

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