e.h. project comes together

i've been off the blog for a week while beckoning in the 32. so, to ease back in i'm happy to announce the east hamptons project is nearing completion! here are some exterior shots of a 2 year, multi million dollar, 13,000 sq.ft. project that took a ton of blood sweat and tears from everyone on all sides at oda (contractors, architects, interior designers, project mgrs, etc). this is when you get to start feeling like all the stress & strain was worth it; with photos as your trophy!

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At Home with kim vallee said...

my three favorites: the modern pool house and the pool and the bench. It brings so much satisfaction to see a long project coming to completion. Good work!

I am interested by the trend on organic and raw materials. So I bookmarked your story because I must include a picture of the bench for an upcoming story.