information aesthetics

the information aesthetics blog is a continual source of fascinating information and visual splendor. inspired by manovich's definition of information aesthetics, this site explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization. here they consider and display concepts that explore how digital information can be considered a raw material that lives in a virtual reality, turning the computer into a three-layer environment: instrument, infrastructure and design. being well familiar with louis henri sullivan’s famous design concept of ‘form follows function’, here they take it into a post-modern concept by declaring ‘form follows data’. below are some of my favorite examples from the site, involving light displays of various types (i'm ever the lighting design sponge, of course!); but if you're curious to learn more it's worth the time to explore the information aesthetic's blog.

( mini wind turbines generate the power to illuminate hundreds of mounted leds, creating firefly-like fields of light in an urban setting. more info here )

(flexible fiber-optic strands respond to the touch and movement of passing pedestrians. each stalk unit contains a passive infrared sensor & microprocessor, detecting motion & triggering light & sound. more info here )

(an interactive lighting installation on tower bridge, controlled by bluetooth sensors found on london bridge. the movement of individuals carrying active bluetooth devices are captured on london bridge. this information is then transmitted across the pool of london to the high level walkways on tower bridge, controlling a dynamic band of ambient light displays. more info here )

(an impressive interactive full-building facade on drexia tower in belgium. 4200 windows can be individually illuminated by rgb-colored led bars. at the bottom of the tower, an installation allows people to interact with the visual tower display via a multi-touch screen. more info here )

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