russ building, new beginning

i'm starting a new project ~ i always like the anticipation buzz of a whole new design adventure beginning.
the russ building is a california state historic landmark located in the heart of the san francisco financial district. constructed in 1927, it stood for 30 years as the tallest building west of chicago. the building has a neo-gothic architectural design giving it a majestic look compared to the neighboring contemporary structures. it is a steel frame building with a curtain wall constructed of terra cotta tile and brick. the interior is exquisitely detailed and sends the attentive viewer back to a time past in sf history. i'll be on a design team to completely renovate a couple wings on the top floor for a new business that has taken up a lease there. we'll be pulling inspiration from the building's lobby for the interior architecture & design elements in the new spaces. because the security guards don't normally allow photos to be taken inside the lobby, i thought it would be a nice treat to share mine with you (we got special permission since we're working for some one in the building).

(the view from our project location)


patriciagrayinc.com said...

What a beautiful building. Built in a time when craftmanship was an honorable profession. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Also thanks for the comment you left on my Blog.
Kind Regards

studio wellspring said...

it is sad to me that many craftsmanship professions are going the way of cheap knock-offs; sacrificing skill & intricate beauty of hand crafted quality for the sake of quickness & inexpensiveness. i wish we could make a better balance of it.

your blog is a special treat!