how to host stylish parties, + more

i have become enthralled with a blog i just found called at home with kim vallee.
from her homebase in montreal, kim offers great advice & innovative ideas on everything from kitchen gadgets:

to themed party decor:

to inspiring interior design :

to stylish pet care:
these were just a few of my favorites images, but there are tons of detailed information and tips to explore on her fun blog. enjoy!


At Home with kim vallee said...

Wow! I am blushing. :) Thank you for this honor. I am glad that you value my advice. You are all invited to join the fun.

J Lee said...

I came across your blog through Kim Vallee's and I must say great job! I've enjoyed reading ... =)


studio wellspring said...

thanks j.lee and kim! i love meeting new fabulous bloggers ~ it gives a burst of inspiring energy!