outdoor explore

wandering to the great outdoors in mind and spirit, if not in physical reality. i'm stuck inside on a perfect day in the bay. 'til saturday........

(gorgeous summer meal setting. no idea where it was taken or who designed it. but i am absolutely in love with the whole thing)

(green frilly leafy umbrella, you make me smile. designed by chris kabel found at droog)

(modern birdhouses ~ they are really quite remarkable)

(this garden branch trellis is light and whimsical and lovely. by sl metalworks)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Those first two pictures.....(clutches heart!)

studio wellspring said...

the top photo was taken in oregon. my homeland. ahhh

Kathleen said...

That metal arbor by SL metalworks is so jaw dropping gorgeous! His metal twig bedframe makes me swoon too!