getting campy

today i'm taking off for a camping trip in tahoe. i can't wait to be in the trees, on a canoe, and under the bright stars. it's a fitting trip for this father's day weekend because my dad is an avid outdoorsman with the largest collection of camping & backpacking gear i've ever seen. he instilled in me a great respect and appreciation for everything from foraging for edible mushrooms, to blazing trails in a raw rainforest of the pac nw, to deeply breathing in fresh sea air while kayaking in coastal waters, to avoiding water moccasins in the ozarks. so i'll be toasting to him around the campfire this weekend & thanking my lucky stars to have such a wise, kind, and loving man to call father and friend.

(qrater3 by extremis ~ a very attractive fire dish made of weather steel for outdoor cook-outs & campfire sing-alongs even in your own backyard)

(harrie leender's pharos outdoor fireplace swivels, funnels smoke up & out of your yard, closes off tightly during inclement weather, and is easily moveable when relocation is needed. found on robeys)

(loop fire ~ is it art or is it a fireplace? cathy azria's custom sculptures for b+d design glow in the flames and even animate a fireless hearth with abstract organic forms)

(the mono fire pit by apartment zero ~ the top shelf holds the fire, the bottom provides extra wood storage. the stainless-steel cylinder is sleek and easily tucks away in the tiniest of homes)


Anonymous said...

yay for dad's and camp fires!

Jon said...

I wish I could join you, but this modern life and its responsibilities do not seem to stop when I tell them to!