a baker's paradise kitchen collage

for this happy friday i thought i'd get personal and share some of the things i've collected to be a part of my inspiration board for the decor8 contest.
i've made a little twist in the scope ~ rather than doing an inspiration board for myself, i'm doing one for a friend. i thought it would be more fun and challenging to have a "client" to gather materials and photos and inspirational tidbits for. plus it gave us an excuse to spend some extra time together and share our professional passions. she's an inspiring woman to me and i'm fascinated by her dream kitchen: a baker's paradise. she's a very talented cake baker who likes modern clean work spaces, is very attracted to tropical blues and greens, loves the island feel, and wants the latest technological advances within a kitchen that still feels comfortable and inviting. so here's a sneak peak......

these 3 photos were taken in our first meeting last friday when i showed her all the goodies i'd collected for the board.
(an inspiring photo collage. 90/10's photo)

(the fave finishes all lined up. 90/10's photo)
(a happy designer organizing her materials. 90/10's photo)


paris parfait said...

These photos are fantastic and definitely inspirational! Bonne chance to your friend.

studio wellspring said...

thanks very much ~ it's been so much fun to do!