zest of zinc

zinc is an under-rated but ultra fabulous material. i love working with it ~ it adds softness and old world charm to even the most contemporary design situations. plus it's durable and patinas gorgeously. so this post is dedicated to some of my favorite zinc products.....
(cj designs is a nice custom countertop manufacturer in oklahoma. a couple examples of their work show what potential there is for zinc in the counterop application ~ with integral sinks & backsplashes, or without. seriously wonderful work)

(twist home is selling this lovely tooled zinc top table which can be customized to any size)

(atelier zinc offers tons of beautiful products in zinc. and their website is wroth exploring)

(c.quoi’s grand ecart above is a modular divider/ garden partition and vase made of zinc. flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits can be planted in the top portion. integrated water tubes allow for low maintenance)

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