full circle

(tufenkian carpet's tibetan rug series ~ this one is called total elcipse in orchard)

(seattle based jmilo offers this cheery water lillys rug made of new zealand wool with silk details)

(indoor-outdoor rugs from the dimensions line, with water-jet cut lacey edges, are made of latex saturated felt. by liora manne)
(the ever popular, but oh so still worth mentioning, zebra rug by martin patrick evan)

(fourth street studios' circles in silk by manhattan-based designers brad davis and janis provisor)

(jump carpet by saxony carpet company)

(the handmade mandala rug by asha carpets)

(the effervescent rug by top floor rugs can be made for you in any size or combination of colors)


the 90/10 rule said...

Re 'Effervescent' - are the circle pieces on top of the other rug or is it a print?

Love Fourth Street Studio's 'Circles in Silk!

the 90/10 rule said...

Never mind! ;-)