calgon take me away......

my mind and body are starting to feel the effects of all the over time, so i decided to go to a virtual spa today. breathe deep, listen to some ambient bliss music, drink jasmine tea, take a long soak, feel the warm glow from the inside out.
(kabuki springs tea room in japan town, sf)

(kabuki springs spa)
(kamalaspa tea room on union square in sf. for more info on this gorgeous spa also visit dotfive's website)

(thermes l'hotel saint germain des pres, paris)

(marie claire maison spa in northern thailand)

(la sommita in ostuni italia)

(international orange spa's yoga room on fillmore street in sf)

(international orange spa's massage room)

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Brady J. Frey said...

I like your site, I'll link this to Kamalaspa.com very shortly for you. Feel free to stop by the Spa and ask for the General Manager Lynne, or for me, and we'll set you up with a tour if you've not been. Have a great day:)