front at spazio rossana

front design is a design group located in stockholm sweden. it's a team of four very talented women who create and produce incredible work. their latest masterpieces, shown at the 2007 milano salone del mobile (furniture show) in the spazio rossana orlandi booth, are making waves all over the design community. and they certainly deserve it!

(this is called "changing cupboard". it constantly changes its pattern using the same technology as the rotating triangular battens used in billboards)

(the reflections sideboard ~ this has the reflection of a room embedded in the lacquer)

(confetti ~ many sizes of disco balls brought together in a calder-esque mobile. with internal bulbs it's actually a chandelier that sprays a confetti of little lights all across a room)

saw it first on dezeen

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Sally Hess said...

Eeek! I love the reflections sideboard! And I just peeked at the Jackson remodel photos on Flickr! They look so awesome! Did you hear that we're re-doing our kitchen? I fear that it will not live up to my fantasies and my budget, but that budget-remodel gave me hope! And thank you so much for the little shout out on your blog list! I just saw it today! :o)