tangerine dream

this week i'm feeling bright ~ so please enjoy these orange infused interiors.....

(the fabulous kelly wearstler's closet reaches divine peaks & inspiration)

(this is peta's headquarters in l.a. ~ the saturated colors are uplifting & welcoming. i think it's a great concept for the interiors of this business. kudos to the designers: woodson & rummerfield's house of design)

(crisp and clean, the high contrast of the pumpkin-colored walls with the bright white & lime green is energetic and bold. this is in a brentwood home designed by turquoise ~ the design label behind the brilliant furniture & interiors designer, vanessa de vargas)

(found in house and garden a couple years ago, this inspiring & warm space is by new york designer, miles redd. his work is vibrant and bold and charming)

(this luscious space was designed by phillip gorrivan for the new jersey design show house back in 2005)

(this cheerful coral & amber room was done by none other than albert hadley. his previous firm, parish-hadley associates, (which closed in 1999) was well known for being hired by jaqueline kennedy to decorate the white house and private homes. he continues on his own to design interiors for the upper echelon of high society)

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