and we're back

.....thanks for the interlude to answer my tagging. now back to the regularly scheduled program.....

did anyone watch the finale of top design last night? tons of gorgeous furnishings were used by both finalists ~ and how lucky were they to get to pick out their dream pieces from the design center for their very own lofts? very cool final challenge if you ask me.
so i thought i'd share some furntiure i'm loving lately (all are part of work projects) none of which can i afford, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing.
(the marbled myrtle table, not the chairs, caught my eye in this setting)

(mirrored table with lots of sexy legs)

(there's something romantic about this chair ~ even if it isn't comfy. the curves are so nice but i'd definitely change the upholstery)

(this settee with the tribal print pillows would be so welcome anywhere in my house)

(sigh ~ zebra print chairs. and what great shape!)

(lacquered ash side table ~ again with the lovely curves, from top to bottom)

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