project progress: cpw in nyc

a new blog i've been taken with, the kitchen designer, (susan serra) just posted about nyc's new residential building on central park west. my colleagues and i just so happen to be designing a large penthouse interior build-out in this same building (no, they aren't any of the celebs that susan lists, just their soon to be neighbors). she critiques the kitchen design by the building's architect, robert a.m. stern, and although i agree with her critique i wanted to add to it by saying that most of the large residence's kitchens will be torn out and re-done to the client's specific taste once they take over the apartment. our clients are demo'ing the entire penthouse interior and we are re-designing everything top-to-bottom. it is an unfortunate snaffoo in the nyc building code for apartments that the building department will not allow a residential space to be turned over to the clients unless there is a functional kitchen & bathroom fully up to code, even though the clients intend to do an entirely different design once they have ownership. very wasteful and frustrating! anyway, i thought the coincidence was uncanny that susan brought up this building while i've been in the throws of construction documents and design detail drawings in the same place. so i'd like to build on what she wrote by sharing some photos of the inspiration and design process for our project.

(view from penthouse looking over central park ~ taken by my project mgr)

( exterior of the building during construction ~ taken by my project mgr)

and to familiarize you with the design process:

(stone and wood samples of materials to be used in the project)

(fluted wood paneling ~ it will be stained french grey and cerused over the top of the stain. it will be on many of the walls ~ the pattern will become soft and neutral when the finish is applied)

(rendering of a fireplace wall)

we also got to build a model of the entire apartment!

(model of stairs)

(model of corridor with windows)

(model of living room ~ looking towards windows)

(model of family room)

and, lastly, some inspirational photos we used to help the client visualize what the look and feel of the interiors will be:

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susan said...

Fantastic images, and great blog! I'm thrilled to see what you're doing, thanks for putting up images of your samples, what a treat. The woods are very interesting, and I love the idea of the soft gray fluted paneling...hmmmm, maybe I'll need to see it in person! And, then of course, lunch. Keep me in mind when you next visit! And, thanks very much for the comment and link. I'll be watching your blog.