kip's bay conspectus

the 2007 kip's bay decorator show house opens to the public next week. wish i could go there in person, but the new york times offers a tour for those of us unable to see it with our own eyes. and i'm bringing you my faves with some additional info about the designers.....

(etienne coffinier and ed ku of coffinier ku design designed a lovely second floor landing ~ i adore that love-seat! their design is based in the classicism of french design but with surprising contemporary influences and concentrates strongly on custom design both architecturally as well as in all furnishings)

(amy lau's living room is a custom made tropical nod to the mod-vintage era. amy is known for her modernism-meets-retro style embodying her philosophy of design centered on "curating" rather than merely "decorating" spaces)

(james rixner's mid-century sitting room ~ who's chandelier is that? anyone?)

(randall beale and carl lana of beale-lana interior design chose a divinely inspired patent leather récamier in the entrance hall. with diverse backgrounds in fashion and theater their design esthetic is eclectic and energizing)

(scott salvator's gentleman's bathroom ~ well-equipped with a fake warhol & a calder. i really enjoy the balance & vibrance of the space. salvator is the 3rd generation of his family to work in the design industry in nyc ~ with a lineage like that he can't help but be brilliant)


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